Published Books

Published Books, Volumes and Chapters

The Unconscious Roots of Creativity. Kathryn Madden, editor. Chiron Publications. Anticipated publication in Summer 2016.

"Theater and the Unconscious." in The Unconscious Roots of Creativity. Kathryn Madden, e ditor. Chiron Publications. Anticipated publication Spring/Summer 2016.

“Polarity and Bi-Polarity in Jung's Compensatory Function,” in Dream Amplification. Erel Shalit & Nancy Furlotti, editors. Fisher King Press, 2013.

Dark Light of the Soul , Lindisfarne Press, Fall 2008.

Metamorphosis: Conflict and Transformation. Guest Editor, Journal of Religion & Health: Psychology, Spirituality, & Medicine . Vol. 43. No. 2 & 3, 2004.

When Deep Calls Unto Deep: Images of the Abyss in Jacob Boehme, Carl Jung and Clinical Practice . Doctoral dissertation. Ann Arbor, MI: UMI, 2002

Ann Belford Ulanov Festschrift. Consulting & Contributing Editor, Union Quarterly Review. Vol. 51, Nos. 3-4, Spring 1998