Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University: Department of Psychology & Religion - Lecturer

  • Listening Practicum (Fall 2016; Spring 2016)
  • Transformation in Archetypal Ritual and Symbol (Spring 2015; Fall 2012)

The many numinous encounters with the archetypes in both reading and experience these past few months underscore my peace and comfort in being here and continuing this great work. In short, I feel humbled, blessed. [Student, 2015]

Pacific Graduate Institute - Santa Barbara & New York - Adjunct Faculty

  • Psychoanalytic Traditions: Winnicott, Kohut, Relational (Spring 2017; Fall 2016; Spring 2014; Fall 2012)
  • Archetypes: Universal Patterns in the Psyche (Fall 2016; Fall 2015)
  • Dreamwork:Tending the Living Image (Winter 2012-2013; Summer 2012; Winter 2011-2012)
  • Jungian Psychology: Individuation Journey (Spring 2012)

You bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the classroom which is obvious in your responses to our posts and in your published literature…I feel truly blessed to have been able to learn so much from your wise and patient mentoring and counseling. [Doctoral candidate]

Dr. Madden was gracious with her time, and her teaching style lent considerable insight to the study of dreams…the unconscious felt truly honored in this course and by this instructor. [Student, 2013]