How I Work

I am a New York State-licensed psychoanalyst and am also trained as a pastoral psychotherapist . I work relationally, face to face, as a present, listening person who offers a safe and caring container for you to share your feelings, fears, hopes, disappointments and sadness's.

We will work with your dreams, images, imagination, as well as your daily thoughts and feelings. Support and insight help us to discern and relieve obstacles that are in the way of aliveness in life.

I work with a wide range of adult individuals and couples. Each is unique.

Issues I focus upon include:

  • anxiety and depression
  • identity and relationship issues
  • recovery from neglect, abuse or trauma
  • conflict in the workplace and/or job loss
  • personal growth, spirituality, creativity
  • loss of meaning in life


  • Therapy/counseling is fee-for-service
  • Fees are set at the first appointment and are paid directly to the therapist
  • Bill statements are provided monthly to submit to managed care or insurance companies for reimbursement
  • Each managed care company's coverage is different